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Our other paper bags idea for custom made from any material, any size, any shape, any printing and finish per your requirements.

* All the bags are custom made to suit your requirements.
* Minimum Order Quantity : 3000pcs.
* To receive a favorable quotation, please advise the Quantity, Size, Print, Print finish, Handle, Material.

OEM or ODM welcome.

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Most popular sizes
width x gusset x height(mm)
150 x 70 x 230 320 x 100 x 320
220 x 90 x 205 370 x 90 x 250
230 x 90 x 220 440 x 120 x 320
240 x 90 x 390 440 x 150 x 370
230 x 90 x 360 320 x 100 x 440
250 x 80 x 350* 350 x 120 x 460
310 x 120 x 220 450 x 120 x 370
310 x 100 x 425 550 x 120 x 350
Any size available
*Ideal oversize A4 bag for shows and
4 colour process
Pantone colours
Inside printing
Print finishes
Gloss lamination
Matt lamnation
Foil blocking
Gloss/matt UV varnish
Spot UV varnish
Hand length or shoulder length
Choice of colours
Die cut
Twisted paper-white or brown
Satin ribbon
Flat handle
Herringbone flat cotton
170gsm art paper
200gsm art paper
170gsm coated board
190gsm coated board
210gsm coated board
250gsm coated board

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