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Twist Paper Bag Manufacturer & Supplier

Are you looking for the best options for paper bags? CHINA PAPER BAGS is one of the most reliable sources for the twist paper bags. Our Twist Paper Bag is machine made and offers a unique color option to match your taste.

We are one of the leading Twist Paper Bag Suppliers that allow you to place great deals on paper bags as per your specification. Our great sizes offer you to choose different shapes of paper bags that perfectly match your needs and work excellent for you.

We are very particular about quality and ensure everyone for 100% natural and quality product. Our mission is to deliver the top-notch natural products to our client. Let's have a look at our great range and have a great shopping experience.

Our twisted handle kraft paper bags offer a more economical option as they are machine made. These bags are available in white or natural brown Kraft paper.

* All the bags are custom made to suit your requirements.
* Minimum Order Quantity : 3000pcs.
* To receive a favorable quotation, please advise the Quantity, Size, Print, Handle, Material.

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Most popular sizes
width x gusset x height(mm)
Internal handles External handles
180 x 80 x 220 175 x 95 x 215
200 x 100 x 280 215 x 115 x 245
260 x 100 x 330* 250 x 140 x 305
320 x 140 x 420 260 x 130 x 305*
400 x 160 x 450 305 x 150 x 450
450 x 170 x 480 305 x 175 x 430
Any size available
*Ideal oversize A4 bag for shows and
4 colour process
Pantone colours
All are 100% recyclable
White smooth Kraft paper
Brown smooth Kraft paper
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